H-1B data for Fiscal Year 2017.
Updated through the 1st Quarter (this will change when the DOL updates their data)
This data can be found via the following link under the "Disclosure Data" tab (look for LCA)

A = Sorted Alphabetically
L = Sorted by largest count
S = Sorted by SOC_CODE

National   A     L     S                                 
City         State      
New York, NY A L S   Alabama A L S
Los Angeles, CA A L S   Alaska A L S
Chicago, IL A L S   Arizona A L S
Houston, TX A L S   Arkansas A L S
Philadelphia, PA A L S   California A L S
Phoenix, AZ A L S   Colorado A L S
San Antonio, TX A L S   Connecticut A L S
San Diego, CA A L S   Delaware A L S
Dallas, TX A L S   Florida A L S
San Jose, CA A L S   Georgia A L S
Austin, TX A L S   Hawaii A L S
Jacksonville, FL A L S   Idaho A L S
San Francisco, CA A L S   Illinois A L S
Indianapolis, IN A L S   Indiana A L S
Columbus, OH A L S   Iowa A L S
Fort Worth, TX A L S   Kansas A L S
Charlotte, NC A L S   Kentucky A L S
Seattle, WA A L S   Louisiana A L S
Denver, CO A L S   Maine A L S
El Paso, TX A L S   Maryland A L S
Detroit, MI A L S   Massachusetts A L S
Washington, DC A L S   Michigan A L S
Boston, MA A L S   Minnesota A L S
Memphis, TN A L S   Mississippi A L S
Nashville, TN A L S   Missouri A L S
Portland, OR A L S   Montana A L S
Oklahoma City, OK A L S   Nebraska A L S
Las Vegas, NV A L S   Nevada A L S
Baltimore, MD A L S   New Hampshire A L S
Louisville, KY A L S   New Jersey A L S
Milwaukee, WI A L S   New Mexico A L S
Albuquerque, NM A L S   New York A L S
Tucson, AZ A L S   North Carolina A L S
Fresno, CA A L S   North Dakota A L S
Sacramento, CA A L S   Ohio A L S
Kansas City, MO A L S   Oklahoma A L S
Long Beach, CA A L S   Oregon A L S
Mesa, AZ A L S   Pennsylvania A L S
Atlanta, GA A L S   Rhode Island A L S
Colorado Springs, CO A L S   South Carolina A L S
Virginia Beach, VA A L S   South Dakota A L S
Raleigh, NC A L S   Tennessee A L S
Omaha, NE A L S   Texas A L S
Miami, FL A L S   Utah A L S
Oakland, CA A L S   Vermont A L S
Minneapolis, MN A L S   Virginia A L S
Tulsa, OK A L S   Washington A L S
Wichita, KS A L S   West Virginia A L S
New Orleans, LA A L S   Wisconsin A L S
Arlington, TX A L S   Wyoming A L S
Cleveland, OH A L S   District of Columbia A L S
Bakersfield, CA A L S   American Samoa A L S
Tampa, FL A L S   Guam A L S
Aurora, CO A L S   Northern Mariana Islands A L S
Honolulu, HI A L S   Puerto Rico A L S
Anaheim, CA A L S   U.S. Virgin Islands A L S
Santa Ana, CA A L S  

Notice how we have not created many more jobs than we had in 2007 before the recession hit?
Yet our population continues to increase

And it looks like our "Foreign Born" workers are getting their fair share of jobs.

Yet our Native Born Citizens don't seem to be doing as well?