Why do I believe this is wrong for the future of America?

Watch the videos - Study the chart that shows which jobs are being targeted by the hunters and ask yourself, when will they be hunting my job and taking away my ability to provide for my family?

Moose Hunting License

In many states we sell a hunting license to hunt things like a moose where we have more hunters than animals.
To do this we charge a fee to buy the Hunting License and then we have a lottery so that the lucky ones will be able to hunt the protected animal.

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H-1B Job Hunting License

In America we now sell a hunting license that we call a LCA (Labor Condition Application)
This hunting license gives the holder of the license (not the NON Immigrant Guest worker, but the business or government or non profit agency that wanted the worker) the ability to hunt American jobs and Displace the American that originally held the job.
We charge a fee to buy the LCA and then we have a lottery so that the lucky ones will be able to hunt the American Job.

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Large organizations like Disney, South California Edision, Toys R Us, Mass Mutual, Abbott Labs make use of these hunting licenses with little regard for the damage that they are doing to the workers in America.

In an effort to get you to understand why this is bad for the future of the American Citizens, I am posting these videos.

I urge you to watch each and every one when you have the time.

Let me explain the following spreadsheet to you and why it is important that you understand it for your and your childrens future.

Tot Emp. - This shows how many jobs we had in the category shown in the Occ Title column in 2015
Percentage - This shows the percentage of all jobs. 6,741,640 is 4.99% of the total job amount of 135,128,310
Occ Code - This is the first two digits of the OCC Code used to categorize the Occ Title.
Occ Title - This is the description of the job category.
Pay - This is the average yearly pay for this OCC Code
2009 through 2015 - These are how many Hunting Licenses were requested for each job category for the year shown.
Cumulative - These hunting licenses are issued for 3 years and you can extend them for 3 more years. If you apply for a Green Card then you can renew it year by year for as long as it takes to get your green card.
% of Jobs - This column shows you which job categories are being targeted.
% of LCA Apps - This column shows you the percentage of Hunting Licenses requested for 2015

There are some that will say that you cannot use these numbers as all of them were not given a visa.

This is true.

However, you can use it as a shopping list to show their intent to Displace Americans from the jobs in your community, county, state, and country.