This is our Wall of Shame map for those companies that are (a) sending our jobs to other countries or (b) importing non-immigrant guest workers to take our jobs here at home.
I also want to know which politicians in your state or city vote for Free Trade Agreements that send our jobs to other countries and / or vote to import more non-immigrant guest workers to take our jobs here at home
If you have pictures, links, videos, etc. regarding these companies, please send them to me so that I can include them on this map.
I can be contacted at
I pay my taxes to help my state and my fellow citizens
I do NOT pay these taxes so that a government agency can use that money to outsource jobs to companies that do NOT hire American Citizens in America or buy products that are NOT American Made.
Click on the markers to show the details
You can drag the map with your mouse and zoom in and out with the mouse wheel or the + and - signs
- Hiring H-1Bs instead of Americans
- Using Taxpayer money to do Government Jobs and hiring H-1Bs instead of Americans
- H-1B Report on this city
Brought to you by a Navy Vet that has been displaced by those paying for these hunting licenses since Aug 24th, 2010 that has 39 years software and hardware experience.
If you need software development help, I could use your work as I am flat busted.
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