This report gives you the ability to see what the H-1B non-immigrant guest worker will get paid.
It is sorted by the most paid salary whether it is Salary or Hourly.
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The selected data, whether it is the report or the map will be for the dollar amount that you clicked on.

 WAGE_RATE_OF_PAY_FROMtotalsView on Map
Select60000.000029678Click to View on Map
Select65000.000010548Click to View on Map
Select70000.00009375Click to View on Map
Select75000.00006755Click to View on Map
Select80000.00006092Click to View on Map
Select90000.00005117Click to View on Map
Select100000.00004719Click to View on Map
Select85000.00004291Click to View on Map
Select72000.00003551Click to View on Map
Select110000.00003409Click to View on Map

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