H-1B Hunting Licenses

The United States Government is selling Hunting Licenses for Academia, Government and our Business community to hunt your job, force you to train your replacement, and then force you into homelessness or worse.

It is a very lucrative business as you can see by viewing this report.

“Americans need to understand that this is their future,” determined Gamm. “Their children will not have jobs. There will be no point to going to college because there are not going to be any jobs left for Americans. I tell people all the time, I’ve been working in tech for 25 years, I know that all the big tech moguls want people to believe that it’s artificial intelligence that’s going to be taking people’s jobs. It’s not AI. It’s foreign cheap labor, either outside the U.S. or here in the U.S. under OPT, H4 EAD, H-1B, or L1. That’s what’s taking the jobs.”

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Cohen and Grigsby

UC San Francisco


Caterpillar is firing 300 American employees in Mossville, Illinois, even though it is continuing to recruit and pay foreign “H-1B” guest-workers to do the white-collar jobs sought by American professionals in the United States.

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Multinational telecommunications conglomerate AT&T is expected to lay off more than 1,000 American workers, including those in the Midwest and South, while the company continues importing foreign workers.

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Technology giant Intel announced April 19 it will fire 12,000 skilled U.S.-based professionals — after already swelling its workforce with 14,523 requests in Washington D.C. since 2010 for visas to import foreign professionals through the controversial H-1B and Green Card programs.

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Multinational corporation General Motors (GM) sought to import nearly 2,800 foreign workers in the last three years to take U.S. jobs while laying off American workers. GM will be laying off at least 4,250 of its white-collar workers in Canada and America — with the vast majority in the U.S. — starting next week. The layoffs are just a small component of the corporation’s mass layoff scheme of 14,700 workers in North America — including at least 3,300 American factory workers. Meanwhile, GM is ramping up production of electric cars in China.

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Abbott Labs

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo has laid off hundreds of U.S. employees during the past year as it pushed many of their jobs overseas, according to an Observer analysis of federal documents. In the Charlotte metro area, the bank’s largest employment hub, mortgage jobs eliminated this year have also been sent overseas, Wells confirmed. The bank slashed hundreds of such workers in the area but would not disclose how many of those jobs it has sent outside the U.S. The documents, published online by the U.S. Department of Labor, shed light on how Wells Fargo has shifted work out of the country. Many of the U.S. layoffs have affected call center operations, including about 460 employees cut last year when Wells Fargo announced the closure of a site in Pennsylvania.

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Southern California Edison

Brian Buchanan, one of the American workers suing TCS in the class-action suit, said he had nearly 30 years of experience in the Information Technology (IT) industry when he and roughly 400 American workers were laid off by Southern California Edison after TCS was contracted to outsource the Americans’ jobs to cheaper foreign workers.

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Multinational retailer Walmart recently announced that it will lay off almost 600 corporate employees. According to the Business Insider, the finance and accounting jobs will be outsourced to Genpact, described as a New-York based professional services firm. Genpact isn’t a household name. So, who are they? According to Wikipedia, Genpact originally was a business unit of GE, and then spun out as an independent company in 2005, and in 2009 did a joint venture with an Indian outsourcer. In 2012, investment firm Bain Capital (co-founded by current Utah Sen. Mitt Romney) became the company’s largest shareholder. Nallicheri Vaidyanathan Tyagarajan, known as Tiger, whose total annual compensation in 2018 was $22 million, leads Genpact and its 87,000 employees. Genpact’s corporate headquarters is listed as Bermuda, and the company has offices in 12 U.S. states. The boilerplate copy on Bloomberg says Genpact operates globally and “designs and manages business operations to manage risk and compliance,” with a focus on “finance and procurement, financial services account servicing, claims management, regulatory affairs, and industrial asset optimization.” Elsewhere, they’ve been described as an outsourcing firm for clients such as Facebook out of Genpact’s facilities in Hyderabad, India. Like Cognizant, an outsourcer founded by Sri Lankan Kumar Mahadeva, Genpact is publicly traded in the U.S., but both companies are rooted in India. Cognizant, for example, has 195,000 employees in India. These companies, along with India-based multinational outsourcers such as HCL, Infosys and Tata Consultancy, among others, have awell-established operating method developed over three decades that systematically displaces American workers and replaces them with Indian workers. They are part of the cabal that monopolized the H-1B visa program. From 2016 through this year, Genpact was approved for several thousand H-1Bs. And that number doesn’t account for perhaps many more visas obtained through Genpact’s many subsidiaries that we didn’t research.

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California Employment Office, Hewlett Packard